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Fun with macro Photography – Quiz

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What is Macro Photography?

Very simply, just imagine that you attach a magnifying glass or a microscope to the end of you’re camera, so you can see very small objects
ie flowers, insects and so on to be photographed, in great detail.
It’s very much an exciting dimension of Photography, because very often until you get back home and look at the Photo’s on the computer,
you don’t realize what an unseen world you have opened up.

Hover Over Photo’s for Clues?

Used a lot in cooking

Has a peppery taste

Split pulse

A Spring vegetable

Monkeys Love them
Oooh oooh aaahh

Eaten with Cheese

Fairies Hide under them
when it rains

The Spice of Life

The opposite of Salt

Answers: Garlic, Radish, Chana Dal, Asparagus, Banana, Cracker, Mushroom, Chilli Flake, Peppercorn